Attached to this page is the User Data Uploader file, with three sample accounts.

It is important that you understand what each field is and what information should be input into each field. Hover over each column header for more information about what should be input into each field.

The fields in the User Uploader Sheet that are required are marked in RED and listed below.

Required Fields

UserID – Must be unique among all Humentum Learning Services members. Therefore, we suggest using the users email address.

Password – 8-15 Characters. A generic password is strongly recommended, and users can change their passwords later.

FamilyName – Last Name

Given Name – First Name

Email – User’s email address

Company Name – This is the name of your organization.

Country Name – Country where user resides. This must be the code from the official ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 list, found here

Level1Code: This code will always be MEM.

Level2Code: This will always L2 or L1, depending on your membership level.

Level3Code: This is your organization code, provided to you by Humentum Learning Services support.

Level4Code: This would be from the Org Structure you designed. Input the code to the first level that you created.

Level5Code: If you have created sublevels, you can indicate the code in this field- you need to fill out both Level4Code and Level5Code.