Users in the NetD LLP are set up with roles in the system to provide different levels of access.

Additional roles can be applied to user accounts once they are created to provide back-end access to manage courses and users in the system.


Administrators can do everything the report manager can do for all learners, throughout the organization structure. 

  • Manage the course catalog
  • Add users
  • Modify user permissions
  • Create and manage the Organizational Structure
  • View course rosters
  • Add or modify a session
  • Access learning reports
  • Create custom reports
  • Create user groups
  • Upload new and modify existing learning modules
  • Create and modify learning programs


Registrar's have the ability to add users and manage learner enrollment for any learner in the same organization node.*

  • Add/Edit users
  • Approve or deny module enrollments
  • Enroll single or groups of learner in a module
  • Change the enrollment status of learners

Report Manager

Report Managers can manage reports for all learners in the same organization node.

  • Run reports on learning activity
  • Set up scheduled reports


Learners have the most basic access to the LLP

  • Browse and search the catalog
  • Enroll in courses
  • Input external training records
  • Manage their profile

*Note! Registrars and Report Managers can only manage users, learning and reports for the organization node they are assigned to.