When we enable the self-registration feature on your platform, your learners can create their own account. Using a simple request form, learners submit their request and an administrator reviews and approves the account.

The process is simple. The learner visits your site, and clicks the "Register Now" link. The form will open and the learner fills it out. Once the form is submitted, the new account is created and placed in a special node in the Organization Structure of your learning platform. Admins approve the request, and move the learner to the correct node in the Organization structure.

If you would like this feature enabled, email support@humentum.org  and make the request. This feature is available to Level 2 and Level 3 members.



Understanding the Form

The form is straightforward and easy to fill out. Certain fields are required.


Reviewing and Approving Requests

Administrators and Registrars can review the new accounts and approve or deny them. The following tutorial walks you through the steps.


Customizing the related pages on your Landing Page

We provide you with basic text for the related pages on your Learning Platform Landing pages. This tutorial will show you where they are located in your dashboard and how to edit them.



If your question about the registration process is not answered here, please email support@humentum.org.

Will I be notified when a form is submitted?

For now, you'll need to check the folder to see if any new accounts have been submitted. We hope to create alerts down the road.

Can I edit the fields on the form?

The form is standard and can not be customized.

Can I still create CSV files and send to support for upload?

Yes! The self-registration feature is optional. You can use the form, csv, or both. That is totally up to you.

What if I don't want to approve an account that has been requested?

You should use the "logically deleted" choice in the account option, or just delete the account in the user manager.

Still have questions? Come to Office Hours!

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