Setting up your Learning Platform (LLP) might seem like an overwhelming project. We've gathered together here the essential tasks you must complete before you can pilot or launch your platform.

Customize Your Landing Page

The LLP landing page was designed to be simple to edit and customize, even if you've never worked with WordPress before.

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Create Your Organizational Structure

It is important to get the organization structure right. It is used for targeting content, such as learning modules and news articles to one or more organizations or departments, and can make reports easy to create..

Learn more about the organization structure.

Create the User Data Loader CSV

The User Data Loader makes it simple to quickly add learners to your LMS. Humentum Learning Services will upload your first batch for you and review the file for accuracy.

Learn how to create your csv.

Choose Courses and Create Your Catalog

Your Humentum Learning Services contact can help you choose the right courses from our catalog over 900 titles. It is easy to create your catalog and get your courses loaded to the platform.

Learn all about setting up your catalog.

Edit Email Templates

There are several email templates available for you to use, but to get started, you need to edit the New User template and the Password template.

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Choose Your Enrollment Policy

You decide how learners are enrolled in courses. There are three options available.

Learn about your options.

Whitelist the System IP Address

The NetDimensions LMS spoofs an administrators' email address when sending messages from the system. Your mail server needs to know this so that email from NetD doesn't end up in SPAM or rejected altogether. 

Please consult with your IT Department and have them whitelist the following IP Address for your organization’s mail server. 

NetD usese as a smarthost. NetD points to on port 587.

The IP is

  • – (back-end)

Attend Office Hours

Office Hours is our free weekly webinar where members can ask questions about their membership and get technical help with the LLP and other Humentum Learning Services benefits. There is no need to register, just show up on most Wednesdays.

Learn how to join Office Hours..