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How to request a course from the catalog

Level 2 members can request courses at any time for their LLP or LMS via SCORM. Please download and fill out the course-request-CSV file linked below to request courses. NOTE: Members who use SCORM Dispatch to deploy courses can simply send the Module ID and Module Title for each course they are requesting to

The file has three columns: Action, Course ID, and Catalog.

Action: This column should always contain “Add”.

Course ID: Input the course ID for the courses you wish to request.

Catalog: Format for catalog column is Member Name/Catalog/Catalog. For example, if I want a course placed in a sub-catalog under Finance called Accounting Fundamentals, I would put Curran/Finance/Accounting Fundamentals. It is crucial to get the spacing and format right, because any typos will create new catalogs when we upload the file.

Send your completed file to

Course Request .csv