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How to request a course from the catalog

Level 2 members can request courses at any time for their LLP or LMS via SCORM. Please download and fill out the course-request-CSV file linked below to request courses. NOTE: Members who use SCORM Dispatch to deploy courses can simply send the Module ID and Module Title for each course they are requesting to

The file has three columns: Action, Course ID, and Catalog.

Action: This column should always contain “Add”.

Course ID: Input the course ID for the courses you wish to request.

Catalog: Format for catalog column is Member Name/Catalog/Catalog. For example, if I want a course placed in a sub-catalog under Finance called Accounting Fundamentals, I would put Curran/Finance/Accounting Fundamentals. It is crucial to get the spacing and format right, because any typos will create new catalogs when we upload the file.

Send your completed file to