Audio Cassette

Physical library audio materials for reference and review - Do Not Use


Physical library book materials for reference and review - Do Not Use


Physical library CD materials for reference and review - Do Not Use


A classroom offering with multiple sessions and locations - we recommend using this for an in-house face-to-face training you are running.


Displays reference materials and associated exams in sequential order in the main tab of the Knowledge Center -These features are currently unavailable


An online learning module consisting only of an exam and built within the NetD interface. -These features are currently unavailable.

External Certification

A launchable AICC-compliant test that may be associated with a specific certification as the requirement test-These features are currently unavailable

External Course

A course offered external to this on-line system, but for which administrator’s want to track registration and course time, location and availability - we recommend using this for out-sourced training

Just-in-time Learning

Quick to learn material available via a hyperlink on another system (or on the web) - this can be used for small bite sized training that you want to direct learners to.


A typical on-line learning module launchable over the internet/intranet

On-the-Job Training

Enhanced for clients who would like to supervise the performance of users after they’ve completed the on the job training.


Equivalent to a curriculum, it is a collection of learning modules of different types. You can use this to create your own learning paths for staff.


Paper and Video – used to set up self-training courses instead of SCORM or AICC. The video option maybe useful if you wish to include elements like TedTalks etc.

Special Interest Group

Used to separate a specific group of courses from online learning type


Used to identify lightweight learning objects. It is suitable to track on-the-job “snippets” of training


Physical library materials for reference and review - Do Not Use

Virtual Classroom

An integrated link to scheduled virtual classroom session - this can include any blackboard session you are running.

Virtual Classroom (Archived)

A recorded virtual classroom sessions that may be accessed for direct playback


Represents workshop sessions that might be hands-on type session or labs