Many of the courses in the catalog are free, however, there are charges for several private partner vendors. Details are included in your membership agreement, or email and ask for a breakdown by the course provider.

The fee is charged the first time the learner launches the course in any given calendar year. 

  • If they enroll in a course and never actually take that course, there is no charge.
  • If they enroll in a  course and launch it and finish it in the same calendar year, they are charged once, no matter how many times they launch the course in that calendar year.
  • If they enroll in the course but don’t finish it in the same calendar year, they are charged twice. Once the first launch in a calendar year, and again the next calendar year. 

You may have noticed that the course fee data in your quarterly invoice looks very different from any report you run on your LMS. For example, in NetDimensions, you may find more activity in your R9001 compared to what we bill you for. This is because the reports we run for billing purposes only look for the first time a course is launched by user. Any launch after that is ignored by our billing report queries.  On NetD, there is no report that will pull just the first launch of a course. We have created SQL queries to get this information for NetD and SCORM Dispatch.

If you have further questions, please speak to your Humentum Learning Services membership partner or email