Please note that the LLP has been upgraded since this recording was produced. The process is generally the same, but the LLP has a new look and feel. New support tutorials are on the way.

Single Approver

The process for single approver is as following.

  1. Approver receives an email based on tempate Enrollment: Approval Request Notification.
  2. Approver logs into the Learning Platform using their admin account and navigates to Enrollment Approval.
  3. A list of courses waiting for approval is shown, with an option to Approve or Deny each request. Approver clicks Approve to approve the request, Deny to deny the request.
  4. If the course is approved, the learner receives a message based on email template Enrollment: Approved Notification. If the request is denied, the approver can make comments in the denial comments box, which will be sent to the learner in the Enrollment: Denied Notification.


This process works much like the single approver, but either of the identified approvers can log in with their admin account and approve or deny the course request.