1. To edit the front page using the widgets go to 'All Page' select the home page. Under 'Page Attributes on the right select Business template from the drop-down.
  2. Click Update.
  3. Go to widgets in the appearance section of the main dashboard menu. You will see widget areas entitle ‘Business..…’ - these are the areas to edit the home page. You can drag widgets across as you want to
  • For featured pages with a read more drag over TG: Services to the Business Top Sidebar – the image on the home page will be pulled each pages ‘Featured Image’ (found on the left-hand options on each page as the bottom). For these images, we recommend uploading images that are the same in size. The size on our demo site is: 282px x 148px. The text for this is taken from the main text – to control the text shown here you can add your own summary in the ‘Excerpt’ section at the bottom of every page you create.
  • For fun facts drag over TG: Fun facts and add the facts you want to highlight.