> Complete User Guide

Getting your organisation set up on MentorNet

Getting access to the site:

Email support@humentum.org to request your unique registration links

Setting up a sub-administrator:

Register on the site and email support@humentum.org to upgrade your account to sub-administrator

Choosing you mentoring profile questions

There is a bank of questions that you can use to help users create a mentoring profile for users. This selection will be part of your mentoring scheme set up.

Setting up your landing page:

Create a landing page on your learning platform where staff can access the registration links and internal information about your mentoring program. Think about including:

        Registration links

        Your vision for mentoring in your organisation

        Information on what is expected of mentors and mentees

        Contact information if they have questions

        Some quick help guides/links on mentoring and being mentored

Creating a questionnaire:

You have the option to create a questionnaire that mentors and mentees can complete - which you can also report on under the reporting tab (side menu). To set this up you will need to send in a draft of questions that you would like to be included - send to support@humentum.org

We will let you know when this has been set up.

Managing your organisation on MentorNet

Mentor and Mentee Profiles:

Staff can register themselves on the site: Make sure to encourage them to complete their profile as the more information that is given the easier for matching.


As the sub-administrator, you will need to approve matching requests.

You can either do this through the dashboard (click 'Home') or you can go into the Admin > Matching Admin and reject or accept the relationship requests.

Activity Logs:

As part of the mentoring program, mentors and mentees can keep activity logs of the session so they are reviewed at a later date and also for reporting.

We highly encourage all mentors and mentees to record a summary of their session to benefit their development.


Sub-admins and users are able to message each other directly through the system. This will then be held in their profile.

Completing a mentoring relationship

Once the relationship has reached a conclusion mentors and mentees are asked to enter an end date, this will be essential for your reporting.

Once the date has been entered, as sub-admin, you can then send a 'News' item and select the advanced filter so that it targets those finished in the last 7 days asking them to complete the questionnaire or for general feedback.


You can publish news articles to keep any active users on the site aware of any updates or announcements.


The detailed reporting will allow you to report on activity, you can also report on specific questions in the questionnaire. These are standard reports that cannot be edited (those that open in a new tab can also be downloaded as a csv).