Internet Explorer (min. 9), Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Mobile: iOS min. 8.x (Safari browser), Android min. 4.4 (Chrome browser)

Minimum required screen size for the exercises: 7’’

Pronunciation Training: Flash Player Plug-in 11.2 or higher

Virtual Classroom: Flash Player Plug-in 13.0 or higher

Demo videos:







User Guide:

To get the most out of speexx the attached user guide, which will help both you and your learners.

Online language course

The innovative Speexx language learning solutions offer you a quick and effective way to improve your business communication skills. Speexx Basic is a flexible, self-paced training solution that lets you practise your listening and reading comprehension, as well as grammar, vocab and pronunciation at your own pace. Learn anytime, anywhere and on any device – on your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

- Improve your pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension with the award-winning online solution – anytime and anywhere.

- Guaranteed motivation and feedback. Your personal trainer ensures your success.

- Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere and on any device – on your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

Speexx Basic – Course offer

- Online learning solution: Practice your listening and reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation

- Business Center: Individual improvement of your business language skills

- Grammar Center: Targeted training in all relevant grammar structures

- Pronunciation Center: Award-winning pronunciation training with modern language recognition technology

- Vocabulary Trainer: Quick and effective improvement of your vocab

- New York Times video exercises (for English)

- Speexx Community: Discuss current topics with other learners from around the world.

- Online Magazine with regular new topics

Requesting a course

Through your Humentum Learning Services membership, your staff may access the language placement modules at no cost (retail value US$19 each!). Self-paced language placements available via the Humentum Learning Services Catalog:

Courses available by membership level are as follows. 

Level 1

Learn English- English, Spanish and French interface.

Learn French- English, Spanish and French interface.

Learn Spanish- English, Spanish and French interface.

Level 2 & Level 3 

Level 2 and Level 3 Members have access to the following languages:

Learn English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian Interfaces:

English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Thai. 

Placement Test

Learners should take the placement test if they are not sure of their current skills or if they wish to receive a course recommendation. The placement test consists of exercises that increase in difficulty. The higher your level, the more exercises you will be asked to solve and the longer the test will take. Time: up to 60 minutes for advanced students.

This test is only accessible for 30 days from the time you begin and will then expire.

Course Expiration 

Courses (not Placement tests) are open for one year after enrollment, and after a year, they are expired and cannot be reset. 

System Requirements

To get the most out of your Speexx language course, make sure your systems meet the following requirements.

_ Internet Explorer (min. 9), Chrome (latest), Safari (latest), Firefox (latest)

_ Mobile: iOS min. 8.x (Safari browser), Android min. 4.4 (Chrome browser)

_ My exercises, Grammar, Business: Minimum recommended screen size 7"

_ Pronunciation training: Adobe Flash Player 11.2 or higher

Additional product discounts:

Speexx offers a blend of learning resources for its clients. Speexx Basic (available through Humentum Learning Services) is one part of a package of resources. Other resources include Speexx Tutor, Speexx Active, Speexx Coach, Speexx Live, Speexx Phone, and Speexx 1:1. 

Member key contacts or LMS.

Administrators may request an introduction to Speexx for special pricing by emailing