Similar to Articulate Storyline 2, Studio ’13 allows you to create professional-looking, compelling courses that fully engage learners. The difference compared to Storyline 2 is that this offers an easy way to build presentation-based courses in PowerPoint.

 Requesting the licences

To access your licences you will need to send a request that includes the full name, email, and physical address of the primary users of the software to You will then receive an email with download instructions and the activation license key. For each licence, you will require a unique key.

Your license quota

  • Level 2: x2 licenses
  • Level Enterprise: x4 licenses

All members can purchase additional licenses at a 60+% discount

How to access tutorials

For a full list of training videos, you can visit the Articulate Studio YouTube Playlist.

Another great resource is the Articulate community. Here you will find resources and postings by other users.