Easygenerator is an e-learning authoring solution in its most unique way. It is designed so that everybody can easily create learning content – even those who have no experience with e-learning. This enables subject matter experts to develop and share content based on their knowledge. Easygenerator calls that Employee-generated Learning, and that is precisely what it is all about.

What is Employee-generated Learning?

Employee-generated Learning is a learning and development method that shifts the responsibility for creating learning content from instructional designers to employees. As employees are the ones developing content, instructional designers can provide guidance. With more people creating e-learning, organizations will be able to meet more e-learning needs. Thanks to Employee-generated Learning, it is possible to create content in no time, reduce learning costs, update courses quickly, and expand your content creation capacity.

Employee-generated Learning lets companies...

Create content fast

Turning subject matter experts into owners of learning content speeds up the process of content creation significantly. Employees don’t have to be interviewed by instructional designers or give feedback to their courses. As experts, they develop courses themselves - in just a fraction of the time.

Save more money

To create a course with Employee-generated Learning, only a few employees and iterations are needed before it is finished. And since courses are created quickly and at a lower cost, it is easy to scale learning fast, too.

Update courses easily

The longer the process to create a course is, the higher the chances are that content is out of date by the time it reaches learners. That isn’t the case with Employee-generated Learning. Employees know exactly when it is time to update a course. When they use a simple authoring tool, like Easygenerator, they can update e-learning in a matter of minutes.

Expand L&D’s capacity

Most organizations can unfortunately only create a fraction of the needed learning content. Implementing Employee-generated Learning is a great solution for these organizations. With more people creating e-learning, you expand your capacity and can meet more training needs.

Easygenerator is a Humentum sponsor

Easygenerator is a sponsor of Humentum. That means you can use Easygenerator either for free or with a substantial discount, depending on your membership. Do you want to know what it is like to develop your own content? Create your account now and find out.

Requesting Easygenerator

The first step is to create a trial account at live.easygenerator.com. Once you have created your account, please send an email to support@humentum.org with the username you choose and we will upgrade your account to full access.

NOTE:  Depending on your level of membership, you have access to a number of licenses as part of your membership.  To know more about this, please visit Membership Benefits & Terms of Use 


NOTE: Please do not request a live demonstration from easygenerator. We ask that you review the demonstrations linked on this page first. If you still have questions, please contact the Humentum Learning Services Key Contact at your organization.