Easygenerator’s all-in-one eLearning software has everything an author needs to create engaging courses in the cloud. No coding, no installation and fully responsive. Because easygenerator is an online authoring platform, it is easy to collaborate. All data is stored on secured webservers, so you can collaborate place and time independent. To make it even easier, easygenerator offers workflow and task management facilities. Easygenerator is easy to use platform with an intuitive interface.

  • Design – easygenerator works with templates that offer you different standard page layouts. You can create templates with a drag and drop interface. An author can adjust templates with a click of the mouse. Easygenerator comes standard with a collection of master pages that are customizable. It is possible to change master pages – basic CSS and programming knowledge is enough to do this.
  • Create – All content is stored online. This means you can work together creating e-learning content anywhere and anytime. Easygenerator has a unique “what you see is what you get” interface and you work in exactly the same interface that the learner will experience. But it is still possible to change the functionality of the e-learning and the look and feel with a mouse click by simply switching to another master page.
  • Publish – easygenerator is SCORM 1.2 and 2004 compliant and offers an HTML and stand-alone publication types. Create your content, select your master page (which determines the look and feel and functionality) and select your desired publication type. You can publish to any LMS, website or mobile device.
  • Collaborate – easygenerator supports collaboration in a very simple but effective way. Comments, tasks and review options give you all the facilities you need to collaborate. The fully automated versioning system ensures that you never lose any work.

Requesting Easygenerator

The first step is to create a trial account at live.easygenerator.com. Once you have created your account, please send an email to support@humentum.org with the username you choose and we will upgrade your account to full access.

Easygenerator Roles

The following user roles are available. Each lower role in the list includes its own rights as well as the rights available to all roles above it. For example, the Developer role would not only have developer rights but also course editor and content editor rights.

  • Content Editor – can fill in and edit the course content with a predefined structure and layout
  • Course Editor – can edit the course content, manage content and question pages and their versions
  • Developer – can define the course structure
  • Publisher – can manage course look and feel and publish the course
  • Customer Administrator – can manage user groups, user profiles and roles as well as upload master page templates

How to use Easygenerator


Easygenerator Webpage - If you already have an account you can log in or if not, you can also click on the Resources and Support Tabs where you'll find a wide storage of guides, templates, videos, etc.

Easy Generator Knowledge Base & Support

NOTE: Please do not request a live demonstration from easygenerator. We ask that you review the demonstrations linked on this page first. If you still have questions, please contact the Humentum Learning Services Key Contact at your organization.