Blackboard Collaborate allows members to meet and train virtually regardless of their location.  Participants connect to the Blackboard Collaborate classroom through a web browser, permitting them to talk to the rest of the class through their computer-based microphone and speakers or headset. Students can view PowerPoint presentations, write on a whiteboard, send messages via the chat box, and answer polling questions.

Blackboard Collaborate licenses for each Humentum Learning Services member are managed by the Key Contact.  If you are interested in receiving a supervisor license please contact to arrange for supervisor accounts.

Details about what your membership includes can be found here.



Recorded Training


As part of the Humentum Learning Services support, we occasionally offer a Blackboard Moderator training. If you have missed this in the past you can watch the training webinar here. Note that this training is for Blackboard Standard.

Blackboard Collaborate On-Demand Learning

If you need a refresher on polling, application sharing, or any feature, there are printable guides and short tutorials you can watch. Bookmark this site and go there often. They also occasionally offer free live training, so it’s worth checking in now and then to see what’s coming up. On-Demand Learning


Participant Orientation (Recording)

From the Blackboard Collaborate On-Demand Learning site, an orientation for participants. Good to share with your staff. She covers everything a participant needs to know before their first session. We bet if you watch it, you’ll learn something new. Watch the recording

Application Sharing Demo

Application Sharing can be difficult to demonstrate in our live training so we’ve created this short tutorial to show you how it works. Click here to watch the tutorial. It is about two minutes long.

Word Search Generator

There are a ton of these out there, but we use this one.

Breakout Rooms

A recording of a session done on Breakout Rooms and a handy guide from Blackboard Collaborate on how to use them. Watch the recording

Hosting Larger Events

In the event that a member agency wants to host a Blackboard Collaborate event with over 50 attendees, Humentum Learning Services can provide subsidized access to a Blackboard Collaborate room with up to 100 seats. Contact for additional information.