The majority of SkillSoft courses have been designed to work on any computer and any browser, They are not optimized for phone or tablet use. Some of the older courses require Java, and we're working to purge those from our system.

Browser Support

Skillsoft recognizes that our customers use a variety of browsers to access our many web sites and eLearning products. To keep pace with the rapid changes in and seamless release cycles of some of today's most popular browsers, Skillsoft has updated their methodology for third-party browser and plugin support.

We support the latest official (not pre-release or beta) releases of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome browsers for Windows platforms, Safari for Mac platforms, and the native browsers in most tablets and smartphones. If we encounter problems with a new version when it is released, we will maintain a list of known issues and work to address them as soon as possible. This policy applies to all Skillsoft product releases for all supported browsers, Oracle Java JRE, and Adobe Flash player. This will not change our stated support for past Skillport or Skillsoft Course Player versions.

We take pride in providing our users with a modern, rich, web eLearning experience, and strive to support all browsers to the fullest.

The following table indicates the minimum browsers supported based on your operating system, Skillport version, and Player.

Operating Systems Browsers RIA Player (Java-free)5
Windows XP IE8  
  Firefox v52+ x
Windows 7 +SP1 IE8  
  IE9 x4
  IE10 x4
  IE11 x
  Chrome v60+1 x
  Firefox v52+ x
Windows 8.1 IE11 x
  Chrome v60+1 x
  Firefox v52+ x
Windows 10 IE11 x
  Edge v14+ 2 x
  Chrome v60+1 x
  Firefox v52+ x
macOS Safari v10.1+3 x
iOS 10+ Mobile Safari x
Android 4.4.2+ Mobile Chrome x

1As of version 45, Chrome no longer supports Java and will not support Java-dependent Skillport functions. When a Java-dependent function is attempted, a message displays indicating the user should switch to a Java-friendly browser.

2The following are not supported on Windows 10/Edge:

  • Java-dependent products such as Skillsoft Course Manager, Publisher course file uploader, and applicable desktop tools
  • ElementK, NETg, or E3 content

3Safari does not support the following:

  • Live Learning
  • Java, as of Safari v10

4IE9 and IE10 do not support full screen mode with RIA.

5Legacy Skillsoft content, or sites that are not configured to use the Java-free course player, will use the Skillsoft Course Player which requires Java. Java is only supported with Internet Explorer (all versions) and Firefox. However, Firefox announced that support for Java will be dropped by the end of 2016.