FMD Pro online responsive e-learning courses are a resource for project teams to test and embed what they have learned about the fundamentals of financial management. Each module provides interactive content that works seamlessly on all devices (computers, tablets and mobile phones), providing customized lessons with learning logs and interactive blogs.
Developed alongside the Guide to the FMD Pro, there are five modules, including an introduction as well as a module for each of the four building blocks of financial management.

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Level 2 and Level 3 members can request these courses now. Request template attached.

Please use the course CSV request form to request the courses so we'll know which catalog to place them in. You'll find it on the same page as the course list.  Please allow 3-5 business days for all course requests to be completed. NOTE: You can use the attached CSV file to request the courses. 

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FMD Pro Initiative

The FMDPro initiative is led by the FMD Pro Advisory Group, whose members are responsible for the governance, management and maintenance of the FMD Pro standard and its products.  The FMD Pro initiative is made possible through the generous financial support of the organizations listed on this site.

Do these courses replace the Last Mile Learning Financial Management Suite?

Last Mile Learning Financial Management and FMD Pro courses both cover the same four basic building blocks and cover much of the same material.

The target audience is slightly different. FMD Pro is designed for project teams, while Last Mile Learning is geared toward finance staff. 

The FMD Pro courses were created in Articulate Rise, so they are will work in all browsers and all devices.

You may consider replacing the Last Mile Learning courses with FMD Pro courses or you may choose to include them both on your platform. 

Eventually, as more languages become available we will retire the Last Mile Learning Financial Management suite with FMD Pro.