Most issues with courses on the Learning Platform are due to Flash. Many courses developed over the years used Flash when they were created, and most modern browsers will block these courses from running, because flash can be a security risk.

Some common symptoms we see that all point to an older course using flash:

  • Course starts to load and then gets "stuck".
  • Course used to play fine, but now it stopped working.
  • Course plays perfectly on some computers but not others.

Your IT department can help enable flash for our site, which will enable the courses to run at your organization. Alternately, learners can add our LMS address to their browser so that the courses will run. Please discuss this with your IT department before making any changes to your browser settings, as they may have a policy that forbids Flash.

The following URLs can be added to the browser to ensure your courses will play. is the url to allow in your flash settings.

https://[*.] Most SkillSoft courses have had Flash removed, but certain older courses may still require Flash. Enter this address to avoid issues. 

A long term solution to share with your course developers is to be sure to publish all courses in HTML5 moving forward and don’t publish using Flash. 

They can also republish existing courses using HTML5 instead of Flash, and then the courses can be uploaded to the LMS using this approach: