Compliance Analytics performs a real-time analysis of training records to identify the degree to which selected groups and/or individuals are compliant with respect to specified target courses. This is expressed using Overall Compliance and Overall Training Progress percentages.

When Might You Use This Feature?

Using it when rolling out annual training such as anti-harassment, and the ability to break it down by the organization node– specifically country offices – would be helpful to provide updates to senior leader team so they can monitor and work to achieve 100% compliance rates in their units. Good for final compliance record-keeping (renewed interest in this internally with #MeToo movement & heightened emphasis on ethics).  

When rolling out any required courses, for example  PMD Pro across field offices whose leaders want an update on how it’s going and who has complied with the course requirements. The completion percentages provide a nice thermometer-type measure they can focus on and demonstrate progress towards the goal. I could see some friendly competitions between offices fuelled by these completion rate statistics

So How Do You Do It?

First, you must tell the system who and what you want to review. The basic steps are outlined here. 

First, navigate to Manage Center- Talent- Compliance Analysis, and you'll see this box. Fill out steps 1- 5 as outlined below. 

How to View (and Understand!) the Results.

text here explaining results in overview

Note: Overall compliance is the percentage of user participants compliant, whereas overall training progress is the percentage of user training compliant.

Note: Summary View shows the summary for the whole org and its children, whereas Flat shows the summary for each organization level.

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