NOTE: Review “Permissions and Naming Objects Best Practices” article before beginning this process. 

When Might You Use This Feature?

Reports can be scheduled to run at specific times and sent to you or other stakeholders. If you have standard reports that you would like run on a regular basis without having to run them manually, then this feature is for you.

 Administrator must have working knowledge of the Report Wizard
● Administrator must have working knowledge of E-mail templates

So How Do I Do It?

When you run any Standard Report or report created with the Report Wizard, there is a new button: Schedule.  Choose Schedule to have the report run at a specific time just once or in a recurring interval.  Once the report is run, a notification email can be sent out to a list of recipients. They can then retrieve the report from the Batch Report Retrieval list.  Or you can include a direct link in the email to let the recipients access the generated report without having to log in to platform.

Schedule a Report

1. After selecting the Report from the list, click on Summary(1) then click on Schedule...(2). Click OK when prompted. 

2.    Fill in the required information to run the report.

  • Input desired Task Name (remember to use your org prefix here) (1)
  • Set Schedule (Frequency, Start and End Date, Time) (2)
  • Select Report recipients (3)
  • Select if the report attachment is included in the e-mail (4) (Note- we don't have internal email system, so ignore this box)
  • Select the Notification e-mail template (5)
  • Click Set Schedule (6)


View a step by step video of creating a scheduled report. This process is the same for canned reports and reports created in the report wizard.

Email Template:

Sheduled reports must have an email tempate associated with the report. We've set up a basic template that you can use for all reports. You can also make a copy of this template and customize it, depending on your audience.

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