This feature gives admins the ability to create survey evaluations at the end of courses, as well as exams that might be related to a topic or compliance. 

Administrators must have a good understanding of permissions in their platform

Administrators must have experience in editing module properties

When would you use this feature?

  • A course evaluation to the end of the courses and learning programs you create to get feedback from learners. 
  • Knowlege assessment at the end of a course or learning program you have created.

Creating Exams and Evaluations means you will need to know how to do the following tasks:

Administrators who understand how edit module properties will find the navigation of exams and questions similar. We recommend only admins with experience editing module properties attempt to create exams and questions.

Best Practice Suggestions 

  • You must first create the exam and question pools into which the exams and questions will, respectively, be organized, then create the exam templates from which individual exam instances will be generated. After the initial organizing work has been completed, questions need to be created and placed in the appropriate question pools before exams can be created.
  • Our feature test team suggests you start small, learn fast, and prepare to scale. Start with a simple evaluation of a course, or an exam for the end of a simple learning program. 
  • As you are learning this feature, please send feedback and suggestions to support.