Questions can be grouped into Question pools for easier organization.  Within a pool, you can have one or more sub-pools. Keep it simple to begin, and keep your pools to one or two levels. You can always add more later. 

Remember: when creating the Pool - use your organizations prefix!

For example, if you plan to create surveys for learners to complete after they complete a course, you can create a pool of questions so that you can quickly pull from the pool of questions. 

To create, edit, delete or specify access permissions to a question pool, access Manage Center > Learning > Exam Utilities > Question Pools Manager. The Manage Question Pools page appears in a new window.

Creating New Question Pool

To create a new question pool:

1. Click on the Add button by the Question Pool field.
2. In the New Name field that appears enter the new name of the pool.
3. Click Submit. The new pool appears in the drop down list.

This tutorial explains in more detail how to create a Question Pool and assign permissions so that your administrators can access the questions.

Once you've created a question pool, you're ready to create questions and assign them to this pool. 

Still have questions? Open a support ticket.