The first thing you need to do is make sure your users have a three digit country code in their user profile. If not, you need to input country codes for your learners in order to pull data based on coutnry.

Run report R109- This is an export of all of your users. This report is located under Reports- Organizational Reports.

Confirm that there is an entry for the Country feld.  If not, you'll need to add the country. Note that you must input the three digit country code for each country, not the country name. You will find most country codes here:

Note that Employment Country can also be filled out, but we use Country to pull reports as the standard Country data, so be sure this is filled out. 

Once you've got the data in,send it to Support and we'll upload it for you. 

Running the Reports

Level 1 members can run report R9001 which is in the Report Wizard section of the manage center. This report is a historical report of all activity in your platform since you first launched. You can sort and filter this information to suit your needs.

Level 2 and 3 members can also run a R9001 report. You'll want to be sure to choose the field under Employment Information - Country Code