Yes! Speexx Courses Expire!

Placement tests and courses do expire. This is a standard feature of the Speexx courses, and we can not change the expiration. Each Speexx course description has a note that lets potential learners know about the expiration. 

Placement Test

Learners should take the placement test if they are not sure of their current skills or if they wish to receive a course recommendation. The placement test consists of exercises that increase in difficulty. The higher your level, the more exercises you will be asked to solve and the longer the test will take. Time: up to 60 minutes for advanced students.

This test is only accessible for 30 days from the time you begin and will then expire. However, Placement tests can be reset by opening a ticket with us, or emailing

Course Expiration 

Courses (not Placement tests) are open for one year after enrollment, and after a year, they are expired and cannot be reset.