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Cegos has been working to improve their courses so that they play on all browsers and all devices. They've streamlined certain courses to make them more agile and learner friendly. They have also provided us with some brand new courses for 2019.

Attached, you'll find a list of all of the Cegos courses available to all members, all levels, beginning in 2019. On the "New Courses" tab, the brand new courses are highlighted in green. 

Some important notes. 

Level 1 members will have the courses added to their calendar during the month of January. The LMS administrator will be notified when the courses are added to the platform. 

Level 2 & 3 NetDimension administrators will need to request the courses and let us know which catalog to put them in by following the process outlined here

Level 2 & 3 SCORM Dispatch administrators will have all courses added to their dispatch folder on Jan 1, 2019. Additionally, you'll need to remove any retired courses from the attached list from your platform. 

Thank you to Cegos for continuing to partner with us in 2019.