You'll need to create your organization's certificate before you are able to upload it to the system. 

1. Create a certificate template using any design software (e.g. PowerPoint) leaving space for dynamic fields (e.g. Course Name, Learner Name, Award Date), then save as a PDF document.

2. Open the PDF in Adobe Pro and Insert "Text Fields" in each area that will include information from NetD. 

3. Edit the text field for font, size, position and name.

4. Replace the field name with the NetD field name from the attached field reference names. (see attached Certificate PDF Form Fields Reference)

We've attached the Humentum Certificate so that you can refer to it as you create your own certificate. 

If you don't have Adobe Pro, there is a free website on the web that allows you to edit a certificate and include parameters in the content, like this one:

First, create your template certificate in PowerPoint and save as a PDF.

Next, open in Adobe Pro and add the text fields. You must use Adobe Pro or Adobe Form Maker to be albe to complete this next step.