NetDimensions (your learning platform) offers a mobile app, for both iphone and android users, where learners can access a range of our courses through their mobile. 

We have created a quick guide attached to this page that you can share with all of your learners.

Courses available: All of the DPro courses are accessible through mobile and are downloadable, the newer Cegos courses are also available on mobile (these are not downloadable). 

You can make your own courses available on mobile by making sure that when you publish them they are set for HTML5. A good program for high quality mobile access is Articulate Rise, we recommend this if you are developing modules and courses to play on mobile, it is cleaner and easier for the learner to navigate. Level 2 and 3 members have access to this tool as part of there membership email to request your licence. 

Follow this step by step to set up the mobile app. You will only have to do this once. When all steps are complete you will simply use a 4 digit pin to login each time. 

1. Download Talent Slate 2 on your mobile through your App store (Apple App store or Googleplay depending on your mobile). 

2. Enter the following URL: and click 'Validate' 

3. Enter your login details for the platform and click 'Login'

4. You will be asked to authorize the app, simply click 'Authorize'

5. Finally you will then create a 4 digit pin that will allow you to login in more easily each time.

After that you are ready to learn. It is a simple app with a left hand menu that will give you access to your courses you are enrolled on and search for others: