PMD Pro just got easier to use! To make the journey better for the learners we have now combined the original 27 PMD Pro module topics into 7 user friendly modules with all the same great content.

We are also excited to announce that the following languages are available now or coming soon! 




Arabic (coming in July!)

French (coming in July!)

Level 1 members will automatically receive this in their catalogue (replacing the old ones) and level 2 and 3 can request these courses now. 

We are stopping enrollment on the original 27 at the end of June and at the end of August we will be retiring them.

We are excited to provide this better experience of PMD Pro for our members!

HU01-DPRO-PM-EN-M1OnlineDPro - PMD Pro Introduction to Project Management: Module 1
HU01-DPRO-PM-EN-M2OnlineDPro - PMD Pro Project Identification and Design: Module 2
HU01-DPRO-PM-EN-M3OnlineDPro - PMD Pro Project Set Up: Module 3
HU01-DPRO-PM-EN-M4OnlineDPro - PMD Pro Project Planning: Module 4
HU01-DPRO-PM-EN-M5OnlineDPro - PMD Pro Project Implementation: Module 5
HU01-DPRO-PM-EN-M6OnlineDPro - PMD Pro Project Monitoring, Evaluation and Control: Module 6
HU01-DPRO-PM-EN-M7OnlineDPro - PMD Pro End of Project Transition: Module 7