New Look!

We are excited to release a new look to NetDimensions for all members. This will be a completely new look that enhances the learner's experience.

All members will be upgraded to the new look on the July 01. Find out more about the new look in this video:

AI Assistant Recommendations

This feature can be found under the Learning Center menu. This is a great tool for learners to get course recommendations based on their previous enrolments. The system will look through the learners history and make suggestions for other courses that may fit their needs. 

Course Calendar

Using a course calendar will allow learners to see when face to face and scheduled learning is taking place. They will have a calendar view of this and can also click on the event to enroll. This can also be found under the Learning Center menu.

User ID Change


Up till now you have had to create a new account and merge the old account with this if you want to change the User ID. Good news! Admins can now change the User ID by going to the User editor and you will see that the User ID is now an editable field. Make sure to click save!

Instructor Role

This has been a long awaited role that we are pleased to now be releasing. This feature is available to Level 2 and 3 members and can assign this role to a learners account (who may also be a trainer/instructor) in the User Editor.