Humentum Learning Services takes pride in the level of support we provide to our members. We are a small team and can't always support our members one-to-one on a regular basis- even though we'd like to! However, we do have a support approach that allows us to resolve your issues and answer your questions quickly. 

If you are struggling with any issue for more than a few minutes, we recommend visiting the support site and searching for the solution. Many of the issues raised by members are addressed there. However, if you don't find the answer in a moment or two, immediatelyopen a ticket or email  

We have a dedicated support team that answers tickets and messages to every weekday. Response time is generally within a few hours, with a resolution time of 1-2 days being our average. Most questions are answered and resolved on the same day.

We also have two opportunities to meet with staff every Wednesday in our Drop-in Learning Support. All are welcome. Drop-In Learning Support allows us to help members with more nuanced questions and gives members a chance to bounce ideas off each other.

If support can’t answer the question, they will escalate to someone on the team who can. You can always copy me on messages to your key contact here as well, but emailing support or opening a ticket on the support site is always the fastest way to get help.