Humentum Learning Services is very proud of our partnerships with our private sector course providers, our members who share courses with us, and the courses we create and share with members. 

Because our providers make their courses available to us at such large discounts, we never share the price of courses publically online. Key contacts and LMS administrators are provided with a list of providers and the associated costs. If you need the latest version, just open a ticket and we'll send it to you.

You may have noticed that in the LMS and course description, we don't list the price of the courses. There are several reasons for this.

  • Listing the price in the course description might create a barrier for a learner who doesn't understand the course fee or who might be responsible for paying it.
  • Our partners prefer we limit how often we share the cost of courses. 

One issue with this is that those who are approving the courses may not know which courses incur a cost and which don't. We suggest providing enrollment approvers with the course fee list.