The Josh Bersin Academy features engaging and thought-provoking online Programs that cover the most important and strategic issues facing the global HR community. Learners go through Programs in teams of 30 to 50 fellow HR professionals, collaborating to tackle challenges facing our profession. Each Program lasts four to five weeks with an average time commitment of one to two hours per week.


Through our agreement with The Josh Bersin Academy, all Humentum member organizations and their staff have access to the Josh Bersin Academy at a generous discount. For more information and to get started, please have your organization's Humentum contact email You will be provided with pricing and information on how to enroll your staff with the Humentum discount.

The Josh Berson Academy

To meet 21st-century workplace challenges, HR itself must adapt and change

Digital transformation, artificial intelligence, the elevated roles of Gen-Zers and millennials, and issues like pay equity and inclusion are all redefining how companies operate. To meet the challenge, HR practitioners must change their mindset, continuously update their skills, and stay up to speed on business, technology, and workforce trends.

The Josh Bersin Academy keeps HR professionals continuously updated with research-based, future-focused learning to solve the strategic business issues impacting the future of work.

Founded by Josh Bersin, The Josh Bersin Academy is the world's first global professional development academy for HR. The Academy includes:

  • Programs

    Premium online courses, covering the most important HR topics, studied in teams of fellow HR professionals.

  • Resources

    A continually expanding library of digital micro-learning and support Resources from leading HR thought leaders, subject matter experts, and trusted information sources.

  • Community

    A global community of HR and talent professionals sharing insights and working together to solve problems and advance the profession.

The Academy is delivered through a cutting-edge digital learning platform. It is mobile-first, designed for the digital learner, and built for collaboration.

Humentum is proud to provide this access to The Josh Bersin Academy and to help our community’s HR professionals continuously stay up-to-date with their strategic skill-sets and to gain access to all the latest information on the workforce trends, HR technology, and best practices.  

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For more information on how you and your staff can access The Josh Bersin Academy with the Humentum discount, please have your official Humentum representative email  They will be provided pricing information as well as a special link to access the Academy at a discounted price.