Fast Facts

  1. Free to Humentum members.
  2. We need each organization to identify a contact for your organization to send the unique Humentum access link for sharing at your organization, and to receive status reports.
  3. If you think you are going to enroll over 200 learners, please let us know. We'll provide you with a unique link for your organization. Email for more info.
  4. How to join and a video tour of the program are below.


Nomadic Learning, a leading digital learning company that creates Digital Academies for global companies are offering its online program "The Remote Work Bootcamp" for free to Humentum Members.

The Remote Work Bootcamp utilizes Nomadic’s unique social approach to learning to help teams (large and small) rapidly adapt to a remote working environment. The Program was originally developed for large global organizations that have been gradually making the shift to remote working for the past few years. Now, they’ve updated it and are making it available to the general public in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

The program lasts for 4 weeks (but only requires about 1-2 hours per week of your time), it's 100% mobile and completely asynchronous, so your staff can join anywhere, anytime.  The program covers the following topics:

1. Remote + Work:  A deep-dive into the human and technical challenges that face any team as they start to do more work remotely. We’ll examine the economic and social factors that are driving the need to work remotely and looks at the defining characteristics of the highest performing remote teams.

2. Resilience + Agility: A well-organized remote workforce can develop substantial competitive advantages over less distributed teams, especially if they are organized to be resilient in the face of shocks or setbacks, and agile in their approach to decision-making and change.

3. Tools + Rules: Choosing the right tools to power your remote teams is essential, but it’s just the first step. If your teams don’t have clearly established formal rules and informal norms for how those tools are used, chaos can follow. This Field Manual helps you make sense of the digital tools you need and work together to establish how you want to use them.

4. Trust + Relationships: It is very hard to learn to really trust people you never see. The best remote teams work very hard to help their people build meaningful, trusting relationships anyway. This Field Manual looks at a variety of ways to build trust quickly, to develop real relationships that last over time, and to adopt a series of practices that support the emotional health of a remote team.

5. Culture + Learning: The best remote teams don’t just collaborate together effectively, they encourage and empower each other to continually learn and grow. Creating a culture of continuous learning in a remote team takes an extra level of commitment to be open, to share knowledge freely, and to create protected “spaces” where teams can experiment, brainstorm, and share their experiences without fear of judgment or failure. This Field Manual looks at how to nurture and protect a culture of learning on a remote team.

Your staff will also have access to Nomadic's library of practical resources on remote working and other future-of-work topics and join our global community where they can interact with other learners around the world. 

Humentum members will have access for a full year to access the Remote Work Bootcamp and access any of the Resources and the Community.

How to access the program

  1. Write to and let us know that you want access to the "The Remote Bootcamp" Program.

  2. Include your organization’s point of contact within your organization who will be overseeing this benefit, so that we can provide reports.  Provide full name, job title, and email address.

  3. The point of contact will then receive a link that they will be able to share with their staff that will allow them to log in for free and access the program.

  4. Learners MUST USE their WORK EMAIL in order to enroll.


If you would like to make this program available to a very large number of people from your organization (over 200 people), please let us know and we'll chat with Nomadic about the best way to achieve that.


Is This Program Right for Your Organization?

I've been working from home for over six years, and I am learning quite a bit in this course, and I'm really enjoying it. It is only in English and it is a tad US/UK centric, but the content is solid and the practical tips are great. You can watch this brief video (3.5 minutes) which gives a tour of what your learners will experience and an overview of the platform.