The PMD Pro Guide 2nd Edition has been released, and we're pleased to announce that Humentum has developed a new version of the PMD Pro eLearning Courses based on the new guide. The courses are now available to Humentum Learning Services member-subscribers. 

You can download the PMD Pro Guide 2nd Edition here: 

The new eLearning courses reflect updates and improvements to the PMD Pro Guide, which were released this week as well. We've also incorporated user feedback and made improvements to the structure and overall user experience. 

Member subscribers who wish to continue using the current version of the PMD Pro courses can do so until the end of this calendar year.

We want to make sure we give those who still want to use the older versions time to access this through the rest of the year. At that point, we will be doing a complete retirement of all old PMD pro courses. Because of this, we won’t be uploading them as revisions but rather as fresh new courses that you and your colleagues can access.

Also, currently, the new PMD Pro courses are only available in English. We're working on French, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese, Some members may wish to keep their current PMD Pro courses until the other languages are released.

How to Access

Level 1 will have the courses in their LMS under a catalog called PMD Pro Second Edition by March 25.

Level 2 & 3 can request today, just let us know which catalog to put them in. 

SCORM Dispatch, the courses are available in your Humentum vendor folder. See attached for titles and descriptions.

If you'd like to take the new courses for a test drive, you can do so on our Demo LMS. Not sure how to do that? Email support and we'll help you out.