The Humentum Learning Platform is available to all Humentum members with various features and support based on membership level. 

NetDimensions LMS: The learning management system (LMS) or "back-end" of the LMS is where all learners and courses are stored and managed. All members are provided the standard dashboard and there is no customization to the look and feel of the NetD back-end. Please review the current feature matrix for details on what level of support, training, and administration is available to your member-subscriber level. 

WordPress Landing Page: Members who wish to brand their landing platform are provided a basic WordPress site that provides learners a portal to the NetD LMS. 

Those who use the Explore or Focus LMS share a common portal and no customization is available.

Level 1, 2 and 3 members are provided a customizable WordPress site. This site is a streamlined, easy to edit WordPress site that has been templatized and requires no special programming skills to edit. You can see the basic template here.  Members may wish to create their own front end using WordPress or another tool, and some use no landing page at all. Talk to your HLS manager to decide which option is best for you.

We've created this short video breaks this all down for you.