Each quarter, Humentum Learning Services works to acquire or create new eLearning courses for our extensive catalog. This month, we're pleased to be releasing 24 new courses from Humentum, UNICEF, and Cegos. 

Humentum's USAID Cost Principles Online!

We are very excited to launch the self-paced eLearning version of Humentum's popular Cost Principles course. Is your spending allowable? Here's a peek inside the course.

This course will help you build your knowledge and hone your skills so you can ensure your organization remains USAID compliant in its spending. You will learn the key spending concepts, and you'll practice checking an organization's spending against these concepts. You will also learn when prior approval is required and how to do that research.

The following courses have also been released this month. Check the attached for details and course descriptions. All courses being released in this round are available to all Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 member-subscribers. 

Humentum Code    Vendor    Title

HU01-USAIDCostPrin_EN    Humentum    USAID Cost Principles

CE00-CE-MH080_a    Cegos    Managing change: identifying your profile. Part A

CE00-CE-MH080_b    Cegos    Managing change: identifying your profile. Part B

CE00-CE-MH081_a    Cegos    Managing change: process and tools. Part A

CE00-CE-MH081_b    Cegos    Managing change: process and tools. Part B

CE00-CE-MH082_a    Cegos    Creating a vision of the future. Part A

CE00-CE-MH082_b    Cegos    Creating a vision of the future. Part B

CE00-CE-MH084    Cegos    Triggering the dynamics for change

CE00-CE-MH077_a    Cegos    Strategic vision and activity management. Part A

CE00-CE-MH077_b    Cegos    Strategic vision and activity management. Part B

CE00-CE-MH009    Cegos    Understand how you deal with stress

CE00-CE-MH191_a    Cegos    Developing your emotional conscience. Part A

CE00-CE-MH191_b    Cegos    Developing your emotional conscience. Part B

CE00-CE-MH192_a    Cegos    Understanding emotional dysfunction. Part A

CE00-CE-MH192_B    Cegos    Understanding emotional dysfunction. Part B

CE00-CE-MH193    Cegos    Understanding and expressing your anger positively

CE00-CE-MH057    Cegos    Preparing yourself to get on stage

UNICEF-IntroAdvo-EN    UNICEF    Introduction to Advocacy

UNICEF-IntroChildPro-EN    UNICEF    Introduction to Child Protection

UNICEF-IntroEthEv-EN    UNICEF    Introducton to Ethics in Evidence Generation

SS00-cl_eofs_a03_it_enus    Skillsoft    Enabling office 365 Services: Sharepoint Online Sharing and Site Collection

SS00-ds_msshon_07_enus    Skillsoft    SharePoint Online: Illustrating web Pages

SS00-ds_msshon_05_enus    Skillsoft    SharePoint Online: Working with Document Libraries

SS00-ds_msshon_06_enus    Skillsoft    SharePoint Online: Building Web Pages

Level 1- The courses will be added to your platform by May 10.

Level 2- Please request the courses using our standard request process, found here. 

SCORM Dispatch members, the courses are in your download folders under the appropriate vendors.