We are pleased to announce updates to the Project DPro, formerly known as PMD Pro. 

Project DPro provides project managers with the skills needed to deliver effective, transparent results to donors and communities. The courses and certifications are valuable to all development professionals, from the field staff to project and program managers. You can learn more about Project DPro, including information on how to earn certification here.

Humentum Learning Services member-subscribers have access to eLearning based on the Project DPro Guide 2nd Edition. We are pleased to announce that our team of dedicated course developers have updated the Project DPro courses available to you, and added several new languages. 

What's new in Project DPro eLearning courses released in November?

The biggest change is that we've updated the courses to reflect the change from PMD Pro to Project DPro throughout.  We've also made improvements to the navigation of the course, fixed grammar in places, and other small improvements. 

What languages are now available? 

On November 2, 2020, we released the revised Project DPro courses in English, French, and Spanish. 

How do I add them to my LMS?

We recommend removing the older versions of PMD Pro courses from your LMS as soon as possible and replace them with the new versions.

All legacy versions of PMD Pro will be removed from the HLS catalog on both NetD and SCORM Dispatch on Dec 30 and will no longer be accessible to your staff, so be sure to add the new courses soon. If you've created learning paths with the old versions, you'll need to update them with the new courses by the end of the year.

Special Instructions

NetDimenstions LMS: Level 1 members will have the new versions added to their LMS by November 9. Level 2 Members should plan to add the new courses as soon as possible. Reach out to support@humentum.org for guidance. 

SCORM Dispatch: Please remove the older courses from your LMS by the end of the year. The new courses and languages have been added to your SCORM Dispatch folders under Humentum/PM/2020.  Details for the courses (titles, descriptions, etc) are attached below.

Need help sorting this all out? Contact support@humentum.org today!